Introducing our 2018 CS:GO Roster

Mon 29th Jan 2018 - 8:38pm

Digital Regiment's new CS: GO roster is now official!
After a few months of try-out, we are now ready to announce the lineup that will represent us for the next six months.

The team consists of three of our players from last year, Mathias "giftig" Nielsen, Jakob "elokratz" Juul and Jacob "langee" Nielsen. This year, they are joined by two new faces on the team, which we think together make up the very right formula.
The lineup for the six months is thus:

Mathias "giftig" Nielsen
He has been a part of the team since the very start, and it is for good reason that he is still in the starting lineup. An incredibly skilled fragger who has now developed his game so he will also act as the ingame leader.

Jacob "elokratz" Juul
Another "veteran" on the team, known for his ability to outsmart his opponent. Jakob, formerly a League of Legends semi-pro, has experience at the highest level of competitions, and he uses it to keep his head cold in the most pressing situations.

Jacob "langee" Nielsen
He was picked up in the fall 17 'for his eminent ability to use the AWP. Jacob has only developed since, and with his hardworking attitude, we see him as one of the best AWP players soon. His attitude is contagious and he therefore plays an important role in the training and in the most important matches.

Marcus "Zika" Westergaard
One of our new players who has shown that he has the talent to reach the top 10 in Denmark. An incredibly skilled shooter, who manages to take responsibility in important situations. Marcus has shown incredible dedication in the try-out phase and we are certain that his top level is incredibly high.

Kasper "lilja" Lilja
The team's youngster - Kasper has impressed us all with his high individual level. With just 16 years on the bag he is the youngest of the team, but it does not seem to be of any problem. Kasper has proven himself as a really good fragger, and he only gets better. We are looking forward to being part of this development! The only negative at Kasper is that he is Brøndby fan.




Mikkel Hjorth

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