Langee Replaces Soel In The Main Squad

Wed 11th Oct 2017 - 6:45pm

Following the latest results at the NPH and Thy-party the players and the management have come to agreement that a roster change was needed. 

The addition of "PHX" raised the ceiling of the team thus requiring a critical review of the players in order to assure that every player has the potential to reach the top. 
The management and the team all found it a necessity to replace "Soel" - He provided a good level of firepower but lacked the experience of playing at the highest level which we felt held us back. 

The search for a replacement did not take long. Our first tryout, "Langee", surprised all of us very much and showed the skill and the dedication required, thus we all agreed upon bringing "Langee" into the main roster. He will function as our primary AWP'er with "Giftig" going back to the rifle-role.

The Main squad now looks as following:

  • Jacob "Langee" Lange Nielsen
  • Jakob "Elokratz" Juul
  • Rasmus "embo" Agerskov
  • Daniel "PHX" Agerbek
  • Mathias "giftig" Nielsen


We thank Soel for the time he have spent with the team, and we wish the best of luck in the future.





Mikkel Hjorth

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